News & Updates

Hey everyone,

You have all been more than patient and we appreciate all of your support and confidence throughout our journey.

Today, we come bearing exciting news! The finished prototypes have been completed by our manufacturing partner and we'll be shipping to our Kickstarter beta-tester backers over the next week or so. 

These first devices are very close to the final product.

A few more updates until we ship the final product:

  • We will be making a minor adjustment to the inner moulding 
  • These beta devices will ship with 10 tips (not the final 5 that will ship with the non-beta/ final versions) so we can collect tester feedback as to which are the top 5 that will ship with your Retouch3D 
  • Our logo will be printed on final device but not on these beta units 
  • Packaging design still be finalized.

We're getting closer to shipping the final product and we wanted to thank you again for your patience.

When we’re ready to start shipping we'll let everyone know.

Best wishes, 

Team Retouch3D

Retouch3D Update!

February 08, 2017

Hi everyone,

We’re really pleased to share our progress with you and preview the Retouch3D.

Our apologies for the delayed update. Our reduced headcount has been focused on product over backer communications; we need to fix this and promise to be more regular with news as we go forward.

OK, below you’ll see our working beta product! This has been 3D industrial printed and sprayed blue; aside from the aesthetics this is where Retouch3D is headed and we’re very pleased with the tests we’ve performed (see images further down).

Here are the details of the device as annotated above:

  1. Rubberized grip with extra finger-tip grips
  2. Simplified 10 level temperature setting +/-
  3. 1-to-10 digit display to identify temperature bands
  4. Flexible cable joint
  5. Cable connector to universal power supply (4 interchangeable plugs provided)
  6. 5 tips brass tips with internal shim for grip
  7. Tip removal tool (this is a new feature decided to provide after user testing)
  8. Resting stand

We had to push back on ordering the plastics as the area housing the heating element needed to be made more robust; we were experiencing some flexing of the heating element which wasn’t good enough. So, the tooling design has been updated by our manufacturing partner and we will place the order for the plastics this month instead.

These are the tips that we have selected as our primary designs, they are brass and we will test-out other tips with our early Kickstarter beta-tester backers:

The tips work well, and this is the Retouch3D in testing (we’ll send more pictures in future updates):

This is a view of the Retouch3D kit as per our manufacturing plan. You’ll see that we’re including a tip removal tool which has been designed to lock-in to the grooves on the interchangeable tip. This is the result of our experiences when inter-changing hot tips. The resting stand is simple but it does the job nicely!  

This updated timeline has everyone receiving their Retouch3D devices in July 2017; we’ll be doing our best to avoid any further slippage:

Just in case you’re interested here’s the board and heating system: 

So that’s our big update for everyone, we’ll upload video and testing images over the coming weeks. Thank you again for your patience and support – we’re getting there!

Best wishes

Team Retouch3D

Retouch3D Product Update

December 15, 2016

Hi everyone, Here’s an update on progress since our last communication. There is a lot to share with you: product redesign; January testing; and updated delivery timeline. OK, let’s get you up to speed: 

Above, you’ll see how we’ve combined our own prototype testing with input from our manufacturing partner to achieve considerable design and functional improvements. 

The original heater element (A) was enclosed which meant that higher levels of heat from the heating element increased heat collecting in the front area of the Retouch3D (C).

Therefore, designing the heating element completely outside of the device (B) enables us to increase working temperature beyond our original heat range (we expect to achieve 295c). An increased chamber volume (D) at the distal end of the device enables any heat transmitted into the body of the Retouch3D to dissipate. 

The grip area (E) on the original Retouch3D was made to feel like holding a ‘fat’ pen; although this worked ergonomically it also concerned us that the fingers were close to heat transmitted into the body of the device. So, we opted for a protected grip area (F) to prevent the fingers from slipping further towards the heating element. 

Once of the technical issues we kept revisiting was transferred heat negatively affecting the controller board which was housed below the heat adjustment buttons (G). To completely negate this issue, we decided to locate both the controller board and the control buttons/display at the opposite end of the Retouch3D (H). 

The overall length of the original device meant that the power connector was inserted into the end of the device (I). While we haven’t changed this approach, we have made the housing for the power connector more robust (J) to make reduce leverage and the resulting the pressures on the construction. 

Overall we’re very happy with these updates; they are a result of testing and a recognition that some of our product vision could not be 100% realized. So, we have pressed-on and have committed to this new form factor for the Retouch3D. As you’ll see from this design drawing below: 

We have commissioned the updated tooling for this design and will receive plastics in January 2017 with means we can then get straight on to testing the product internally. If we are happy with the results, we will create more devices to test and seek the necessary certifications and approvals to enter full manufacturing. 

If all goes as planned we will adhere as close as possible to this updated timeline, which will see everyone receiving their Retouch3D devices in May 2017.

So, that’s you up-to-speed and thank you again for all of your patience and support. Season’s greetings and we look forward to sharing testing results with you in January - so a Happy New Year to us all! 

Best wishes, 

Retouch3D Team