Finished Prototypes Have Arrived!

Hey everyone,

You have all been more than patient and we appreciate all of your support and confidence throughout our journey.

Today, we come bearing exciting news! The finished prototypes have been completed by our manufacturing partner and we'll be shipping to our Kickstarter beta-tester backers over the next week or so. 

These first devices are very close to the final product.

A few more updates until we ship the final product:

  • We will be making a minor adjustment to the inner moulding 
  • These beta devices will ship with 10 tips (not the final 5 that will ship with the non-beta/ final versions) so we can collect tester feedback as to which are the top 5 that will ship with your Retouch3D 
  • Our logo will be printed on final device but not on these beta units 
  • Packaging design still be finalized.

We're getting closer to shipping the final product and we wanted to thank you again for your patience.

When we’re ready to start shipping we'll let everyone know.

Best wishes, 

Team Retouch3D

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