Retouch3D Product Update

Hi everyone, Here’s an update on progress since our last communication. There is a lot to share with you: product redesign; January testing; and updated delivery timeline. OK, let’s get you up to speed: 

Above, you’ll see how we’ve combined our own prototype testing with input from our manufacturing partner to achieve considerable design and functional improvements. 

The original heater element (A) was enclosed which meant that higher levels of heat from the heating element increased heat collecting in the front area of the Retouch3D (C).

Therefore, designing the heating element completely outside of the device (B) enables us to increase working temperature beyond our original heat range (we expect to achieve 295c). An increased chamber volume (D) at the distal end of the device enables any heat transmitted into the body of the Retouch3D to dissipate. 

The grip area (E) on the original Retouch3D was made to feel like holding a ‘fat’ pen; although this worked ergonomically it also concerned us that the fingers were close to heat transmitted into the body of the device. So, we opted for a protected grip area (F) to prevent the fingers from slipping further towards the heating element. 

Once of the technical issues we kept revisiting was transferred heat negatively affecting the controller board which was housed below the heat adjustment buttons (G). To completely negate this issue, we decided to locate both the controller board and the control buttons/display at the opposite end of the Retouch3D (H). 

The overall length of the original device meant that the power connector was inserted into the end of the device (I). While we haven’t changed this approach, we have made the housing for the power connector more robust (J) to make reduce leverage and the resulting the pressures on the construction. 

Overall we’re very happy with these updates; they are a result of testing and a recognition that some of our product vision could not be 100% realized. So, we have pressed-on and have committed to this new form factor for the Retouch3D. As you’ll see from this design drawing below: 

We have commissioned the updated tooling for this design and will receive plastics in January 2017 with means we can then get straight on to testing the product internally. If we are happy with the results, we will create more devices to test and seek the necessary certifications and approvals to enter full manufacturing. 

If all goes as planned we will adhere as close as possible to this updated timeline, which will see everyone receiving their Retouch3D devices in May 2017.

So, that’s you up-to-speed and thank you again for all of your patience and support. Season’s greetings and we look forward to sharing testing results with you in January - so a Happy New Year to us all! 

Best wishes, 

Retouch3D Team

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