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"...users will not need much further convincing 
that this device will prove ... useful."

- 3D Printing Industry


"Retouch3D uses heat to melt away those
imperfections … allows for much more precise control.”

- Gizmag


"Get one and get one early!"

- Fabbaloo



"...make a pledge and help Retouch3D become
a reality."

- Geeky Gadgets


"...a way to precisely correct mistakes and cut down on waste.

- TreeHugger

"Without a doubt this is a tool that has been missing
from the desktop 3D printing space."

- 3D 


"We typically don't write about crowdfunding projects ...
but this novel idea is genuinely useful and warrants an exception."

- 3D Printer World 


"Photoshop of the 3D print world.”

- Tech Digest 


"...makes cutting away support or errors in 3D prints as 

easy as a hot knife cutting through butter.”

- Slash Gear


"...a revolutionary new product to the 3D printing 
community: Retouch3D.

- Disruptive