Test Template

Things you can retouch

Remove. Large and smaller support material

Retouch3D’s macro and micro remover heads make it easy to remove large support structures, as well as close-in structures that are hard to reach. Have rafts and brims attached to your print? Retouch3D’s remover heads can clean that up too.

Refine. Layer imperfections and stringing

Refine your prints details. Retouch3D’s refining heads allow you to refine both small and large layer imperfections. Working with a 3D print with ugly overhangs? Retouch3D’s micro refiner head carefully refines curved and close-in overhangs.

Blend. Print surfaces and infill gaps

Surface blending. Use Retouch3D’s blender head to even-out print surfaces and infill gaps. Blend the ridged surfaces of your 3D print to reach your desired finish.