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What kind of material can Retouch3D clean-up?

Retouch3D works with materials used in mainstream 3D printing: PLA, ABS; and Resin-based materials. To account for future materials, Retouch3D's fine temperature adjustment settings allow users to increase or decrease heat by small increments.
How do you switch Retouch3D tips?
To change tips, always turn off the Retouch3D first and use the tip tool to remove the tip and to place a different tip.
Is Retouch3D compatible with international power sources?
Yes, the power supply provided with Retouch3D can be used with most international adaptors. 
Does Retouch3D work with other melting plastic modeling materials?
We haven't tested on these categories of plastic but expect that the temperature settings will enable working with all types of materials that are shaped under heat.
Can you use Retouch3D for jewelry wax modeling?
With the temperature range set to the lowest point it may well be possible to utilize Retouch3D for wax modeling.
What power supply does the Retouch3D use?
Retouch3D uses a multi-region mains power supply 240/110v. 
Do you ship internationally? How do you process shipping?
Yes, we ship internationally. We will calculate shipping based on final product weight and destination. 
Can I order the Retouch3D now?
Yes, you can order the Retouch3D today! 
I am interested in becoming a distributor, who can I contact?
Please address all wholesale and distribution inquiries to info@retouch3d.com or fill out our contact form here