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What kind of material can Retouch3D clean-up?

Retouch3D will work with materials used in mainstream 3D printing: PLA, ABS; and Resin-based materials. To account for future materials, Retouch3D's fine temperature adjustment settings allow users to increase or decrease heat by small increments.
Where can I find a key to the control system inputs?
The final key to the control system will be available post Kickstater. In the meantime, you can learn more about Retouch3D's control system,  and view our alpha look-up chart here. Please note, once we have possession of the final beta test units we will then create our first draft look-up chart to define target settings for common printer materials (PLA, ABS etc.) and then work with our beta testers to fine-tune the settings. 
How do you switch Retouch3D tips?
Retouch3D has a quick-swap system. Simply press the cool down button, wait for the blue light to go from a flashing sequence to a constant blue, and then you swap tips. Once you have the correct tip, press the heat-up button to your desired temperature. 
Can you buy additional tips?
Additional tips will be available post product launch. 
What kinds of training or tutorials are available?
We will have tutorials available post Kickstarter. You will be able to enjoy access to our online community – watch video tutorials on how to use Retouch3D.
Is Retouch3D compatible with international power sources?
Yes, the power supply provided with Retouch3D can be used with most international adaptors. Certain countries will require product certification which may effect the delivery timings for your product. We will publish a list of countries as we get ready to ship.
How is beta unit level different than the full production unit?
The “Crowd Beta Unit” will be our raw prototype device; meaning, it might not have the manufacturing quality of the full production product. We will use the testing results and feedback from our beta testers to finalize our Retouch3D device, tip designs and temperature settings.
What is your temperature range?
The Retouch3D temperature range is 100°C to 300°C. 
Does Retouch3D work with other melting plastic modeling materials?
We haven't tested on these categories of plastic but expect that the temperature settings will enable working with all types of materials that are shaped under heat.
Can you use Retouch3D for jewelry wax modeling?
With the temperature range set to lowest point of 120°F (c.50°C) it may well be possible to utilize Retouch3D for wax modeling.
What power supply with Retouch3D use?
Retouch3D will run from a multi-region mains power supply 240/110v. Our wattage specifications will be clarified post campaign once we start work on the design for manufacture and microelectronics engineering.
Do you ship internationally? How do you process shipping?
Yes, we ship internationally. We will calculate shipping based on final product weight and destination. Please understand we cannot advise an exact shipping rate. You will be notified of the shipping price before shipping.
When will you be shipping the Retouch3D?
Currently we anticipate shipping our beta units in early 2017 with full production coming soon after. Please continue to check back for updates on our site or opt-in to our newsletter for the most up-to-date Retouch3D news.
Can I order the Retouch3D now?
Yes, you can pre-order the Retouch3D today! 
I am interested in becoming a distributor, who can I contact?
Please address all wholesale and distribution inquiries to info@retouch3d.com or fill out our contact form here