Tech Specs

Technical Details

Control System

Retouch3D’s control system incorporates a digital processor, which provides a 'closed loop' system to control temperature. Essentially, the chip monitors the temperature of the tip and by continually adjusting the amount of current fed to the tip maintains the desired temperature. This process allows for the tip to be maintained at a constant temperature, irrespective of the material or tip used while cleaning-up your 3D print. 

In order for Retouch3D’s tip to accurately smooth and remove unwanted material, the working temperature of the tip will need to be accurately controlled so that the different operations (removing vs blending) can be optimized for different types of materials. Too hot and the material burns, smokes and discolors, too cold and the operations will not be effective as the tip becomes stuck in the material. This, combined with operator temperature programming and our 15 pre-sets, allows the user to optimize the tool for a variety of tasks and personal preferences when it comes to cleaning-up 3D prints!

See how our control system works, step-by-step:


The Temperature Challenge

To make cleaning-up your 3D prints as accurate and efficient as possible, Retouch3D has a temperature range for optimal melting and blending temperatures. The melting temperatures and extrusion temperatures of 3D printer filaments vary considerably; so we opted to create a wide range of temperatures that will be managed via the closed-loop control system. Subject to further testing, Retouch3D has a specified operating range from 120°F to c.570°F (c.50°C to 300°C). 

When we have possession of the final beta test units we will create our first draft look-up chart to define target settings for common printer materials (PLA, ABS etc.) and then work with our Kickstarter beta testers to fine-tune the settings:


Retouch3D look-up chart