Test Tips

After user testing, the team at Retouch3D has identified five tips, each designed to remove, refine, or blend unwanted material from 3D prints. The materials used to make, and the coatings of, these tips will be tested for heat conduction and material removal. Beta testers will be provided with a wider selection of tips so that we utilize crowd research to optimize the final five (5) tips we provide. Watch our prototype tips in action here.

Macro remover tip: removes large supports, brims, and rafts.

Macro refiner tip: refines larger layer imperfections and stringing.

Blender tip: blends the surface of your 3D print where blobs and imperfections have occurred.


Micro remover tip: removes smaller, close-in support material.

Micro refiner tip: refines detailed and curved layer imperfections.

Testing tips: Watch our five prototype tips in action.