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Successfully funded on Kickstarter in under 48 hours, the Retouch3D is the world's first heated tool to finish 3D prints with variable heat and interchangeable heads designed for specific 3D retouching tasks. Forget snapping, scraping, and sanding; Retouch3D’s variable heat control system and interchangeable heads mean you finish-off all your 3D prints like a pro. 


We are currently able to ship to these countries: United Kingdom; US; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Canada; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Hong Kong; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Lithuania; Latvia; Malta; Malaysia; Netherlands; New Zealand; Norway; Portugal; Singapore; Sweden and Turkey.

If your country is not in the list then please register with us and we will update you when we are shipping to your country.


            • KEY FEATURES

                    • Works with mainstream 3D printing materials (PLA, ABS, resin-based)

                    • Variable temperature ensures accurate and efficient temperature heating

                    • Interchangeable tips designed for different retouching tasks (removing, refining, and blending)

                    • Handheld ergonomic design combines comfort and precision, allowing for different hand positions

              TECH SPECS

                    • Temperature range: 100°C to 300°C (212°F to 570°F)

                    • Power supply 240/110v

                    • Weight: 100g/3.53oz

                    • Dimension: 170mm X 43mm X 32mm (6.69in X 1.69in X 1.26in)

            • CONTENTS

                  • Five (5) interchangeable tips

                  • One (1) Retouch3D base unit

                  • One (1) tip remover tool

                  • AC power cable

                  • International AC adaptor connectors

            • IF YOU PRE-ORDERED

              Retouch3D is now fully available, however, if you pre-ordered you will have to pay for the remaining balance for shipping/taxes. We have contacted everyone prior to shipping of the Retouch3D device to collect shipping/taxes payment. If you have not received this email, please get in touch with us at info@retouch3d.com

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